EIM is a friendly and accessible, student-oriented, technologically-geared tutoring agency for effective, efficient and high-quality learning.


Since 2010, we have led the effort to deliver
REAL results for HSC students across Sydney.



Our high-impact tutoring style allows you to achieve your goals in less time, and we manage to do this whilst delivering an amazing learning experience!


At EIM, you will find:


We have reflected upon years of experience in the industry to develop our very own proprietary teaching system. We are one of the very few (if not only) true innovators in education and actively incorporate proven technology to increase the efficiency of student learning.

We strive to break free from the traditional lesson-homework-lesson-homework cycle because we believe there are steps that we can take to ensure that students are learning more effectively.


The whole EIM team take great pride in our work. Every member of our teaching staff has done exceptionally well in the subject they teach and have been a member of our team for years. They are successful high achievers who passed our aptitude screening tests and joined us as trainees. They learn the art of teaching by initially helping students with homework in workshops. Then, after accruing years of experience, they become a master of teaching - ready to pass on the knowledge to help the following generations of students succeed. You will appreciate the high-quality teaching we provide when you notice how much easier difficult concepts become after we explain them. Despite all this, our teaching staff still continually undergo regular staff training, in order to maintain and further improve teaching quality.


Based on the age-old Socratic style of teaching, our tutors engage with students at a deep level, through direct integration and participation. Our classroom environment is highly interactive and dynamic. Our tutors are vibrant and energetic, keen to connect with the students and dedicated to seeing students grow and improve! Most importantly, you will find yourself among peers who are just as motivated as you in achieving academic success!